Circles of Amazing Marquette Alumni

28 Dec

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Has there ever been a time in your life where you caught yourself in a moment and said “Wow, I am extremely lucky to be here”? And have you then thought “I know this is where I’m supposed to be-a lot has gotten me here”?

Well, I had one of those breathtaking moments earlier this month. On November 2, 2011, I was able to travel down to Chicago to attend a Marquette Alumni networking event as a Student Alumni Ambassador. This meant that I had the chance to meet numerous Marquette alums (as a senior that opportunity is super exciting-especially since I have NO clue what I’m going to do once I graduate in May…) and network with them.

Circles (the name of the event, put on through Marquette’s University Advancement, where I intern- here is the link for the Circles page: was held at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago. The ULC is a GORGEOUS private club where I could see Sean Connery smoking a cigar with all of his famous friends while drinking bourbon on the rocks. Yeah, I went there. Thats exactly what it feels like.

OK-back to the event. University Advancement holds the events all over the country every year. In the current calender year there have been around seven. The Chicago one is usually the largest and most popular. As I mentioned before, my role at the event was to serve as a student ambassador-to talk to the alumni about my current experiences as a Marquette student. Along with me were a few other ambassadors: Jen, Elyise, Kristen, Chris and Laura.

We were all amazed to see the sheer number of Marquette Alumni (most from the Chicago area, some from Milwaukee/Wisconsin) who gathered at the event. The registration was capped at 200 but more than that came. So there I was-standing in the doorway to the main ballroom, watching everyone mingle. And then it hit me: I was extremely lucky to network with these amazing and successful alumni. I was supposed to be there; I worked very hard for it and I know I’ll be at more events like that one in the future. Everyone in this room is a Marquette alumni. Every. Single. Person. All 250 of them. Think about it.

I could easily go to a networking event, but not every single person there would cheer for the Golden Eagles (or Warriors). I’ve been to Marquette events before but the attendees were either future/current students or MU parents. To me, there was something so amazing about being in a room full of people who shared the same education as me. The Marquette Alumni Network is vast. And it is welcoming and willing to support new members.

In six short months I’ll be an official graduate and alumna of Marquette University. I will forever be a Golden Eagle and thankful, as many before me, for my Jesuit education. I will join the ranks of those who are the Difference in their professional lives and who remember and are grateful for their Marquette education. I can’t wait! See you soon, Marquette Alumni-I’ll be standing on your side soon.

Marquette University. Cura Personalis. MU Rah Rah. Numen Flumenque. Be The Difference. Gives you chills, doesn’t it?


Best. Decision. Ever.

22 Dec

Choosing a college is one of the hardest decisions one can make in their life.  What if you end up unhappy?  Do they have the best program for you?  Do you like the cornfield/town/city its in?  Do you look great in the university’s colors?  Well, around four years ago, I was going into the last semester of my high school career at Lake Catholic High School (Go Cougars!).  I was searching for the right school to spend the next four years of my life at.

Luckily, my mom made me tour Marquette University the summer before my senior year.  Like any other high school student, I was a little salty that my mom was forcing me to look somewhere when I was already obsessed with another school (it was Jesuit, don’t worry).  Nonetheless, my mother stressed the importance of exploring all of my options.

Marquette seriously impressed me.  Everyone on the campus was nice, the college of communication had the programs that I was interested, it wasn’t in Ohio (I prefer Milwaukee), and I look great in blue and gold.  Marquette turned out to be a big competitor with the other school.  I visited Marquette multiple times over the next couple of months and fell in love with it.  MU gave me some great scholarships (shout out to the MU Club of NE Ohio!) and finally I made the big decision: I was about the become a Golden Eagle.

I was so excited!  I moved into Abbottsford in late August of ’08.  Carpenter Tower of ’09 (loved that year), Marquette I of ’10 and then Renee Row in January of ’11.  Now I’m about to go into the second semester of my senior year in college.  Woah.

Rewind.  Four years ago, I was making the decision to spend the next four years of my life in Milwaukee.  It was nerve-racking, but it felt great.  I was confident.

I don’t want to be forward or assume too much, but I’ll do it anyway.  Every Marquette alumni appreciates their MU education.  It was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made and they’re forever proud to be a Golden Eagle (or Warrior…depending when you graduated).  Totally worth the money.  Seriously, my parents agree (phew!).

So, thanks, Mom and Dad, for supporting my decision to continue my education at Marquette.  I’ll never look back.

Goooooooo Marquette!